The Clergy of Saint Elias

Fr. Kevin Gregory Long

Fr. Kevin has been at the parish since 2010.  A native of Maryland, Fr. converted to Orthodoxy in 1994 and was ordained in 1999.  From then until joining St. Elias he served St. Anthony’s in Butler, PA.  Father teaches adult classes on biblical and theological topics all during the year.  Courses have included a deep study on the life of Saint Elias, the Nicene Creed, the Divine Liturgy, and theosis.

Father also enjoys assisting the parish in its numerous projects, like bread-baking, the making of Syrian delicacies, and the International Dinner, held each Sunday before Labor Day.  Father also enjoys bicycling, woodworking, and computer programming, when he has the time.

Subdeacon Albert Deep

Subdeacon Albert is a child of the parish of Saint Elias.  He is a master historian of the church and is committed to a multitude of ministries that are an intrinsic part of the life of the parish.  If he is not working with the altar boys then he is manning the ovens for a baking project.  He spearheads the church’s involvement in several community service projects, such as the “Feed My Sheep” program (which feeds the hungry in New Castle) and the West-Central PA branch of FOCUS, an pan-Orthodox organization committed to serving the needs of the less fortunate throughout the United States.

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