Christ is in our midst!  He is and ever shall be!

Thank you for visiting our website.  And while a website can give an indication of what to expect from a place, the truism holds true: you have to come and see for yourself.  Saint Elias Orthodox Church in New Castle, PA is a pan-Orthodox church with people from various walks of life.  We have a vibrant and active community, with several informative classes, both for children and adults.  We have a beautiful choir, and we meet several times a week either for worship or for numerous church-related activities.

There is an adult class led by Fr. Kevin that meets on Monday nights immediately following the recitation of Evening Prayers, where we pray for 1/4 of the parish each week as well as for those who are sick or those who who have reposed and we wish to remember.

We are a traditional Antiochian church, having been established in 1913, and among other things that means that food is a central part of the fabric of our community.  We bake Syrian bread every Tuesday during the year.  Additionally, we get together to make meat pies, spinach pies, or kibbee several times a year.  We also have an Middle-Eastern food festival, which is a great opportunity to welcome the greater New Castle community to our church to enjoy great food and customary hospitality.

But the greatness in the Saint Elias community lies in its care and concern for others.  On Thanksgiving, members of the Parish gather to prepare and then deliver Thanksgiving meals to people in the New Castle community who would otherwise not have a meal to enjoy on that great holiday.  Other meals are prepared once a month to feed the homeless a delicious lunch.  We have also begun a prayer and anointing service that is open to the New Castle community.  Christ calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves: the community of Saint Elias strives to faithfully honor that calling.

Please accept this invitation to come and see us.  We gather for the Divine Liturgy every Sunday at 10:00 AM.  If you are curious, please take a look around this site where you might find answers to some of your questions.  Most importantly, come and see!  And we hope to see you soon.


St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church
915 Lynn Street
New Castle, PA 16101

Office: (724) 658-1712
Hall: (724) 658-5991

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